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Renault - History 2

In 1903 there were also victories at short distance races in USA. Also noteworthy the year was because the cooler moved behind the already relatively aerodynamically packed engine cover for the first time, a characteristic of all Renault for a longer time but not a unique feature. Invented by Louis Renault cardan shaft instead of a chain drive, it gave already for some time, now was added the spark plug to screw in/screw out.

Renault went increasingly abroad. After an assembly plant in Belgium in 1901 now follow branches, eg also in the UK. The production figure reached almost 1000, the factory in Billancourt had grown enormously. One enormously intensified the taxi business from 1905 and switched over to a large-scale production. In 1906 there was the first Grand Prix, the Renault promptly gained superior. The production of commercial vehicles and buses began tentatively.

1907 - first branch in Berlin
Renault Up to and including 1910, the workforce rose to more than 3,000. There was a six-cylinder and the production was a little more rationalized. Meanwhile Renault has also produced boat and aircraft engines. Car races were no longer being driven with an average speed of 60 km/h, but one rather reached the double average. But one was successful furthermore. However, there was also bad news, for example, the disease-related death of Fernand Renault.

Louis Renault finished his racing career after Fernand's death.

The time to the beginning of the First World War followed, which Renault brought roughly on par with Peugeot to the second largest automobile manufacturer after Ford. The factories there, Louis Renault visited in the time of starting the assembly line production and to have been very impressed. Meanwhile even the aircrafts with Renault engines achieved records. But famous is the spectacular taxi action at the start of the First World War. 01/18

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