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Renault - History 1

There have been vehicles of very different kind during the more than one hundred-year-old history of Renault, very big with approx. 13 litres cubic capacity and very small with approx. 0.3 litres and less than 2 HP (type A). Louis Renault (*1877), the son of a draper and racing driver, started constructing and selling cars (Société Renault Frères) together with two of his brothers, Marcel (*1872) and Fernand (*1865) in 1899. The company has remained true the racing since its formation. Just think of the turbocharged engines - in earlier days still with carburetor. Just recently elected (2013) with the crown of Formula 1, this commitment permeates the story of the successful beginning to the present.

Supposedly, it began with a bet the Louis Renault wins Christmas 1998 when he overcame the Rue Lepic dreaded because of its slope, with its only just developed Voiturette. This brought 12 orders still in the same year. Another 71 came in the next year, when Louis and Marcel won the three outgoing races from Paris, long between circa 50 and 350 km.

After the Model A came on the market in the shape of B and C in 1900, a first fully closed and a pickup truck with box-type construction. There was a 5000km endurance test and further race wins. With 350 orders the number of employees significantly rose above 100. Quickly were introduced the models D (4.5 CV) and E (6 CV) next year. The early focus was on the drives, while the bodywork were variable from single-seater up to a kind of convertible with "mother in law seat". 01/18

Billancourt: From a wooden shed to a huge factory.

Vehicle components
Charge air intercooler
Convertible folding roof
Electric power steering
Glass roof
Body Frontend
Body convertible
Locking system

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