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2012 Renault Fluence Z.E.

At first glance, the Renault Fluence, an electric car like the others. This time the filler neck is placed just before the front door. A notchback limousine give the honor, derived from the Megane Grandtour.

No, the elegance of actual upper class or the new Opel Astra notchback, it does not reach, but it has other qualities. First, the grumbling need to be here about the operating range, especially those is specified once again very optimistic from the factory.

Meanwhile it seems to be so that the display of the range shares that optimism at the beginning of a drive. Who relies on it and calculate with a narrow margin, will not come back. It is interesting that gradually emerges, such a category 100, all vehicles with approximately the same range.

Now you could still criticize the relative liveliness of the engine and the heaviness of the basically always fully occupied and loaded car in curves and finally came to speak to the price of the new car and the rental rate for the batteries (from 82 €).

Then one would know why, when at all, well situated, technophilic men between age 40-50 buy such vehicles. This is perhaps differently in France, where there are 5000 € subsidy from the state. In this country, the government apparently still waits until there are enough German offers.

If not there would be at the Renault Fluence an additional hope. It is in fact 13 cm longer than the Megane from which it was derived. Thus for the batteries is created a compact space behind the rear seats. And more importantly, one can change them easily.

This is probably one of the reasons why the car is exported from its country of manufacture Turkey also and especially to Israel. One is busy here, to install a system of battery exchange stations. It should not take longer than a refueling operation. And the payment is faster because it's fully automatic. 05/12

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