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2014 Renault Espace

The Espace as the 'flagship of innovation'? One can see here, how far the fifth generation is advanced into the middle of the Renault model program. Who would have thought this, when was actually taken the targeted basic construction as successor for the Talbot Rancho by Matra in 1984.

Well, its planking from composite material it has long lost, but maintained at least its passenger compartment albeit with larger exterior dimensions. In principle (for an additional charge), it still provides space for seven persons but not with removable seats, but electrically retractable into the floor.

No, a Grand Espace there is now no more. From the previous one box now two have become. In the latest creation, the two parts are additionally titled with the keywords 'ruggedness of an SUV' for the front part and 'elegance of a van' for the rear part, whatever that means.

Well, if you have lost the top model like Renault, then the large Espace becomes easily the epitome of everything what for the brand is available. Difficult, if all expectations are placed on one model. However, the balancing act between SUV and MPV appears to have succeeded after the first pictures, although there is still no all-wheel drive version available at the beginning.

After all, the Laguna built on the common CMF platform also satisfies some of the longings. The wheelbase grew even compared to the Grand Espace by 16 millimeters to 2.88 metres. A steerable rear axle adds more technology. These include diesel engines with only 1.6 liters of displacement, at least with a turbocharger and 320 Nm at 1750 rpm.

The with 118 kW (160 HP) compared to 96 kW (130 HP) more powerful diesel with two different connected in series turbochargers comes to 380 Nm at the same low number of revolutions. Thereto belong then six gears, in the more powerful as dual-clutch transmission. Two turbochargers and dual-clutch but with seven gears also has the 147 kW (200 HP) strong petrol engine with 260 Nm at 2500 rpm.

Headlights complete with LED technology

If the chrome plating is kept within limits, is created here a comfortable vehicle for traveling by additional glass sunroof bright, spacious and equipped with only single seats that come certainly close to the upper class feeling and further a good drag coefficient of 0.3. The relatively flat 2.8 m² large windscreen thereto produces lateral triangular windows whose front bar is much thinner than the rear.

Everywhere it is noticeable that Renault would actually like to offer a top class vehicle of the type A8 or S-class, but see enough sales potential only in the form of a van. Too conspicuous the amount of electrical helpers, the special ambient lighting of the interior, the quality of the seats with extendable seat cushions. However, thereto is still missing the correspondingly more powerful engine.

Many large trays and compartments

Maybe here can help upcoming hybridization. As of now, there is the extensive additional package called 'Initiale Paris' (pictures 2 and 3), that is divided into nobler varnishing or interior design, but also extensive warranty and workshop service. You can then quietly lose your keys, will picked up and brought and get your car back, of course cleaned. However, this service will remain reserved not only for the largest Renault model. 08/14