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2013 Renault Captur

High-up Clio ...

'Crossover' means something like the best of two worlds. Renault thus denotes an SUV-like vehicle, lacking the most typical characteristic, namely the four-wheel drive. Presumably, many customers will not even notice this, because they actually choose with an SUV, the elevated seating position, the better overview and the chunky appearance.

Compared to the latest generation of SUVs, which is also available without four-wheel drive, Captur has the advantage that it was not even designed for such an expensive and space-consuming additive. This seems to prove the luggage compartment which still has become quite large with 1232 liters at just over 4 meters outside length.

And as regards the slightly flashier design that offers the Captur not only outside, as the pictures show up. Of course you can not perform leaps in quality regarding the haptic, but maybe that does not matter the eyes seeking for something more unusual.

Prices and thus rationality are right in any case. Also, the maintenance should not be too high considering the consumption values hopefully given somewhat realistic. Not for nothing Mercedes installs as the smallest diesel engine in the A-class one of Renault, to obtain otherwise obviously difficult to achieve savings effects.

Unfortunately, this cooperation has also produced the mini-disaster at the Citan crash test. This might also affect the Kangoo. Anyway, Renault should make improvements here, e.g. with a knee airbag for the driver and rear window airbags for the Captur. Nevertheless, it has with 5-stars considerably performed better than its brother larger in space.

A car thus that e.g. offers by two-color design individual possibilities for creations. So-called look-packages can be ordered to refine the car interior and exterior in addition. But even the basic features speak for themselves:
- Keyless access
- Power windows, front/rear
- Cruise control
- Hill Start Assistant

Interesting seems to be the ECO button equipped as standard, which not only helps the respective engine, but also the air conditioning system to a more energy-efficient mode. The achievable top speed shows that the drives do not have it easy with the relatively high body (17 cm ground clearance). Since it needs 88 kW (120 hp) to reach good 190 km/h, what is possible in the compact class with more than 10 percent less power, too. 05/13