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Renault Alpine V6 GT

The predecessor can still be seen in the side view. The arrangement of the car windows is identical. Since the car has been stretched by more length and a little more wheelbase, the previously massive rear had to be defused by an additional car window.

It had to be obtained more space in front of the rear seats. Amazingly, the rear overhang has become even smaller. The car looks anyway slightly disproportionated because of the relative to the total lengthsmall wheelbase , although the pure number ratio is even more unfavorable at the predecessor.

It is probably due to the front overhang, which remains only very slightly below one meter, although there is still no front luggage compartment. Presumably all this is a dictate of the wind tunnel, the flatter windshield also. The is perhaps attributable also the whole softness of the form. The cW value is remarkable even still today (2013).

The instrument panel pleasantly sets itself apart from that of the predecessor. Here, at least styling has taken place and there is no kind of hobbyists solution with accessories watches. For the comfort of the seat cushions, the French have a knack. But overall the Alpine character is a little vanished.

In contrast to the period between the two World Wars France never again seems to be able to gain a foothold in the luxury class. The more you approach it the more collide chic and conservatism. It seems that this model sealed the end for the brand Alpine. The company founder has seen this might come and gone before. 12/13

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