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2013 Porsche Cayman

If you ask me, Wendelin Wiedeking, 1993-2009 head of Porsche has proved maybe his company ultimately a disservice, when he explained, the by 180° rotated combination of engine and transmission to the entry-level model. But I'm convinced the same time, that not many people share my opinion.

Meant here are of course the 40,000 euro price difference, the nevertheless does not let crumble the sales of the 911 in favor of the Cayman. Wiedeking has rated his customers obviously correct. They are obviously willing to pay that extra amount for the resonant three numbers.

This difference has certainly nothing to do with the technology, even though many testers do desperate attempts in this direction. Since when a mid-engine is worth less than a rear engine? However, space problems can not be an argument. So let's look at the technology and the driving characteristics.

What a sounding name: '911 Carrera S'. Nearly 400 cc the Cayman S is missing in comparison. This results in 55 kW (75 hp) which are probably not completely to compensate by almost 100 kg weight reduction. And so the 911 easily drives away. Since up to 100 km/h you only have to count to 4, half a second from zero to 100 km/h will already considered as half an eternity. Up to 200 kmh, there are more than 2.5, but what has that to do with real traffic situations?

Interestingly, the large CO2 difference with and without double clutch gearbox ...

And the differences in maximum speed are not worth mentioning. If ever a car could get so far, it is already locked off. One recognizes the rear engine the two to three more tire sizes rear. And then also, the Cayman S gets his chance. It is said of him to have even the slightly more comfortable sport suspension.

Even with the sound emission it ranked not farther back, even though its engine is much closer the rear wall of the passenger compartment. And the evaluation of steering systems we left to the professionals. Who dares to practice here a criticism of the Porsche fine tuning going beyond the quality of some football coverage?

Only 28 liters of luggage space difference ...

Still remains the space, certainly not the most important argument for an S model. But still, it could take a seat two children rear. In adults the left and right knees already poke out beside the front seat backrests. Perhaps even more important is this space (always) to supplement the really meager front luggage compartment of slightly above 100 liters. But here the Caymann can well compete with more than 150 liters rear. 07/13

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