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1977 Porsche 928

The Porsche Company had got difficulties with its model program. The market obviously demands for more performance and the six-cylinder boxer engines seem exhausted at the time. A liquid-cooled V8 would be clearly too heavy and bulky for the rear. So the decision is made to a clearance and the engine moved finally to the front.

First car with tyre pressure control . . .

Nevertheless, to offer something special, they decide in the two new model series 924 and 928 for the Transaxle principle. The uneven weight distribution, formerly always a disadvantage of Porsche, is now to be solved almost perfectly, even if this means to loose something of the trunk. Porsche has always been a company that designed basically its cars around a power train.

By all means, the result is quite impressive in its form. The car is still recognizable as a Porsche but still modern. However, one can drag easier a body over these basic dimensions and a relatively flat, while far behind mounted front engine than over a rear overhanging and more and more space claiming engine. Nevertheless, it is succeeded and it it will probably not have been the body shape, that he has not prevailed.

The differences are perhaps more serious while driving. It is clear that is more comfortable than in the 911. However you approach dangerously close luxury coupes that already exists. And Porsche has difficulties to compete with their prices. And here we are again with the body, which after all is a certain uniqueness.

The interior appears up to a with armatures height-adjustable steering wheel not to be the big hit. Criticized by the testers, the space for the rear seat and the luggage and the ventilation of the whole. The latter perhaps, because that at this time even in a Porsche, the air conditioning still exists as an extra. However, you can forget nagging about poor visibility in a sports car.

The character of comfort is punctuated by driving performances, with a top speed of over 235 km/h is pending at the time well a car with 176 kW (240 hp). All other values are then well below those of the strongest in- house rear-engines. However, the 928 surpasses them clear, regarding the consumption. At aggressive driving style it can rise to more than 20 liter/100 km. Then the cost savings through regular gasoline only plays a minor role. 08/17