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Porsche 917

Many experts of the racing sport nominate the Porsche 917 as the racing car of the century. Porsche seizes the opportunity when at the end of the 60s suddenly engines of up to 5 liters of cubic capacity are possible, designing a level 12-cylinder. The extraordinary feature of the engine is that it does not deliver its torque - as usual - at the end, but in the middle, to a shaft, which runs below the engine towards the back. This as protection against too much torsion load.Thus, the engine might be fancied as two 6-cylinders set against each other at their respective flywheel side.

Above in the table only the data of the models 69/70 are noted. In the course of the car's career the 800 kW (1088 HP) are topped and the highest speed during a race is nearly 400 km/h. The 917 wins two-thirds of all its competitions. The competing Ferrari, Alfa and Matra were defeated. The 917, actually, was stopped only by new racing rules in 1973.

With extreme force one has completed until the last minute, the 25 cars required for homologation. They are thought for the now possible displacement class to 5 liter. Whether there are really still installed 'brake blocks made of wood', we leave open. After all the cars rigorously have been inspected at the opportunity.

The participating racers describe the car as initially not to control. Too unstable its driving behaviour. Herbert Linge says that the car have barely touched the ground at top speed. Only the legendary Gulf team makes with all kinds of aerodynamic know-how of drive the car mobile. Now, finally, the overall victory to be targeted, whereas before it concerns class wins. The engagement will be rewarded, however, in the following year with the desired Le Mans overall victory 1970. 01/10