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Porsche 912

It was a considerable step, not in the least in terms of prices, from the 356 to the 911. Porsche builds good cars, but quality has its price. A starter's model was often missing in the range of cars that Porsche offered. Thus, two years after the introduction of the 911, Porsche took the decision to sell the same model with engine and seats of the 356. The heating supplemented the engine. This car was lighter in the back, causing advantages for the vehicle handling. It was clearly accepted (specially in U.S.) as a member of the Porsche family.

912 available as a Targa (with soft rear window)

The engine of the 1600 SC has lost 3.6 kW (5 HP), but the air filtration system is no longer so loud and has a more even torque curve. It is enough for reasonably good performance and still preserve enough distance to the 911. It can keep five gears (optional), but looses the two outermost of the five instruments. Punishment has to be. After all, the safety is guaranteed with laminated glass in front and also rear disc brakes.

Five-speed is at Porsche: 1st gear rear left

The successor of the 912 is the 914, although the 912 returns in 1976 once again as 912 E with an extra exhaust controlled VW engine from the last 914/4.

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