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F7 F9 

1963 Porsche 911

Originally to be called 901, but Peugeot with the '0' in their car markings disliked it. As for the rest the prototype development runs stormily. The originally planned pushrods in the six-cylinder car are substituted with an overhead camshaft with rocker arms. The two 356 exhaust pipes are reduced to one.

It was clear from the beginning that the front axle had to be altered completely. So the old crosswise arrangement of two torsion bar springs is replaced by a lengthwise arrangement and the crank drivers by space-saving shock struts. A modern sloping driver is installed in place of the old-fashioned pendulum axis. This makes cardan joint shafts necessary. One enters new territory with the rack-and-pinion steering.

Five-speed is at Porsche: 1st gear rear left

In the end, all that`s left from the 356 are rear engine and air cooling, but that is no disadvantage for the newcomer! A modern, self-supporting car body with big window surfaces and enough storage has been created. Even for tall people there`s sufficient room on the front seats. Moreover, with the new engine it is more quiet inside. 12/09

Board voltage: 12 V

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