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2023 Porsche 718 Spyder RS

'Boxster' was omitted from the car designation, it would have been too long, although the counterpart GT 4 RS has the name 'Cayman'. But also emphasizes a little certain differences between the two models.

No, the 368 kW (500 hp) and 450 Nm of the six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine have remained the same. No wonder, the engine of both comes from the 911 GT3. The first difference to the GT 4 RS that catches the eye is the much more civilized rear spoiler.

One reacts to this at the front with a shorter front lip spoiler, because otherwise the car would have too much downforce at the front compared to the rear. Small note on the €12,000 Weissach package, here is the upper cover of the rear spoiler made of carbon.

This is reflected in the air inlets and outlets in the front hood and e.g. the bucket seats. Incidentally, the magnesium rims are not included and have to be paid for separately, which means that the unsprung masses are also approx. 9 kg lighter.

A comparison of the weights reveals that the 718 Spyder RS with approx. 1,485 kg, only just misses that of the first Cayman/Boxster duo from back then. Which is, given the two cylinders and 147 kW (200 hp) more and the obligatory PDK gearbox, quite an achievement.

However, if the convertible and coupé are of the same weight, this is more of a disadvantage for the coupé.

However, the price difference is huge these days. Even without the Weissach package, magnesium rims and carbon brakes the price is starting at €155,575, while the price of the simple Boxster is only around 45 percent of that. And at up to 294 g/km, that's another 14 percent more.

No, you are not in the same car. The RS models have no buttons on the steering wheel, the automatic transmission has a shorter gear ratio, but thanks to a final speed of 9000 rpm it can achieve perhaps similar gear speeds and, since listening to music is probably not the primary aim, is also equipped with a CD player.

Although Porsche emphasizes that the Spyder RS is less sporty than the GT4, the intake of cooling air is separate from that for the many throttle bodies and is directly above the driver's and passenger's ears.

The more expensive car has an distress top, apart from the wide metal part hooked into the window frame, there is only an undisguised fabric bib that will be stretched open to the side at the back and best removed/installed by two people. However, the side openings can be closed with an additional package.

The last 718 with internal combustion engine, production time undetermined.

Driving really fast can't really be fun, although among the increasing clientele there are said to be those who use the car to drive away their worries. Even Porsche does not necessarily recommend the car for long distances.

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