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1950 Porsche 356 SL

Already in 1951 three vehicles appears at Le Mans ...

The first racing car of the new company Porsche and immediately successful with Auguste Veuillet and Edmonde Mouche the first race in 1951. And this at one of the severest endurance tests in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Still is the engine with 1100 cc mounted for the projected victory in this class. Later, takes its place the always already existing 1500, however, with 51 kW (70 hp). With this engine, record runs follow with incredible 152 km/h (to 11,000 km) on average and up to 1955 race victories distributed all over Europe.

In 24 hours, an average of 118 km/h ...

Clad front wheels, it has been more often in the history of the automobile. Obviously, the drag coefficient is so much better that it more than compensates the larger cross-sectional area. The tank is significantly increased and accessible for faster refueling. Its higher and displaced more forward weight benefits even the driving behavior.

The year 1951 is initially characterized by a sad event, namely the death of the senior, Ferdinand Porsche. The has witnessed the development of the new company, but not its magnificent advancement. After production of the 50 aluminum Porsches it continues now in Stuttgart, mainly in the manufacturing plant of the company Reutter which soon will be completely bought by Porsche ... 06/12

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