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1948 Porsche 356

The first product of such a famous company has to be something special and so it is. Of course the basic conditions shortly after the war, in a small place in the very south of Carinthia/Austria are not really the best ones.

At least they have aluminium, an excellent coachbuilder and lots of Beetle components. Nevertheless, the imagination of the developer Ferry Porsche is big. He replaces engine and gear box to the front of the car and fits them into a grid pipe frame.

For a longer period of time there will be no such car any more. Only with the racing version of the 356, the amongst others in regard to the car body extremely changed 550, the engine will be in the rear again. There is a version for private drivers as well, but for far more than twice the price of the 356.

Anyway, the 356 will become no cheap pleasure. With a grid pipe frame and at least re-constructed rear axle it would be practically not be for sale. Take a closer look to the body as well. Actually, it can only work as a convertible. How should a coupe roof be installed above the engine?

The second version is much closer to the later pre-A series. The war version of the engine has been replaced and now provides 29 kW (40 hp). Overall, the second 356 builds on VW-beetle technology pretty much, but is also more tail-heavy. It is the beginning of the series of 50 vehicles with aluminum bodywork in Gmünd (Austria). 01/18

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