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2020 Peugeot Traveller

That could be interesting, a four-person conference while driving, that saves time. Not during Corona times, but eventually those will be to overcome as well. In the other pictures you can also see what else the table is good for, something about safety precautions and possibilities to use the storage space.

You can also order the Traveller as a normal eight-seater. It is even available in three different lengths, but in Germany the shortest no longer. And of course there are many other seating options. And electric power or USB is also available. Even when fully occupied, there is sufficient supply of fresh air, coming from the floor and the roof.

Four cars practically identical in construction, i.e. apart from the Traveller also the Opel Zafira Life, the Citroën Space Tourer and the Toyota Proace Verso. By the way, the platform is so universal that it extends into the car series. You will see this with the pure E-version, which is also taken over from there.

The Traveller is praised for its low fuel consumption, but for such a large car, 50 kWh battery capacity seems a bit low. After all, 75 kWh is offered as an option. However, the drive train remains the same in both cases. It will be interesting to see how this vehicle can be handled by 100 kW (136 PS) and 260 Nm. A range of 330 km for the larger battery seems to be quite optimistic once again.

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