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2021 Peugeot 308

No question, it's certainly a new car on the outside. And you can also find it really chic, especially in the new green, recently seen on a large Audi in last times. The front and side are little negative polarising, though that's not quite the case at the rear.

Only with LED-Light available.

This is probably intentional and not just a result of the motto of how else to break up the larger, permanent plane areas a little. It won't be like this, but you have the feeling that the reversing and rear fog lights radiate downwards. Dummies for the tailpipes are permissible, but here they do not fit in with the direct surrounding.

Only available with digital cockpit.

The rear lights are unpretentious and beautiful. It is also amazing how the shape of a C-pillar alone can create tension. One would have wished for a little more modern simplicity for the rest of the side. The entire front fulfils such a wish. I wonder if anyone who initially sees only the side and rear of the car really suspects such a front?

Yes, it is also available as a plug-in with 12.4 kWh battery capacity. In many cases, this should be enough for 50 km, although you would then have to charge the battery completely and drive it empty, which is supposedly not very good for its durability.

Above you can see where the battery is located in the PlugIn. The luggage compartment shrinks to 385 litres. Again, the typically low CO2 values of 25 or 26 g/km. Tthe high outputs of 110 kW (150 hp) or 132 kW (180 hp) are stated, but not how long they will be available.

The centre console offers a little more space in vehicles with automatic or hybrid drive because the gear lever is missing. Below the screen in the centre is a second screen with programmable buttons. Below that, there is another bar with seven real buttons and a rotary knob. Of course, the Peugeot-typical view over the smaller steering wheel has remained.

Among the assistants, there is now one that is supposed to be closer to automated driving. You put the indicator on and then it overtakes. Presumably it's because of the legislation or the difficulties in judging when it should merge again that it doesn't do all this automatically. In any case, it doesn't help much like that.

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