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2021 Opel Manta GSe

It's not easy for Opel to distinguish itself in the ever-growing Stellantis Group. So it's not such a bad idea to tie in with its extensive history. Now, of course, like other manufacturers, they could have celebrated 50 years of the Opel Manta A last year. The GSe ElektroMOD shown here, as it is called by its full name, is clearly a better idea.

Wouldn't have quite fit anyway, because the GSe wants to remind you of the GT/E from 1974. No, you can't buy the one-off, so for the time being enjoy pictures and the video below. One year for the conversion is a small sensation anyway, if you consider the various changes and the fact that it is not only roadworthy, but also has a TÜV sticker.

What has been changed? Ask what has been cleverly retained, e.g. the entire drivetrain except the engine. Instead of the 77 kW combustion engine, an electric motor with 108 kW drives the rigid rear axle via the standard transmission. You can't change gears due to the lack of a clutch, but you can start in any gear, but if they haven't changed the wheel set, the e-machine should be somewhat rotating with too low speed.


But it delivers 255 Nm instead of the former 152 Nm. So that should be enough. There isn't much luggage space left, because it now holds the 31 kWh of batteries, good for 200 km according to the factory. No matter whether NEDC or WLTP, it is always too optimistic with the others as well. Since there will be no home for the car, the DC charger with a maximum of 9 kW, which is less problematic in development, is sufficient.

Successful, eye-catching daytime running lights.

The missing bumpers look good on the car. Only a dotted version of the side ray is left. The very modern rims are a matter of taste. The writing and drawing on the black front is taken from a Smart prototype. One wonders if there are real headlights behind it.

Now it is noticeable that the introduction of the airbag was later. So you have to make do with a sports steering wheel from that time then. The seats, on the other hand, are lush and modern. There's also a digital cockpit and center screen. For the promotional purposes for which it was designed, all this seems to be perfectly adequate. In any case, for the just launched Opel Vizor, the GSe is a great ambassador.

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