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Ganz neu ...

  Opel GT Concept

There are side windows and the doors open as normal. What is new is that they extend to the front wheel arches. But the roof is then almost entirely of glass, so no upper crosspiece of the windscreen ( see here ). The rearview mirrors are replaced by cameras. Door handles and windshield wipers are quasi invisible.

There are similarities to the legendary Opel GT ( see here) concerning the drives. Both are mounted mostly behind the front axle, called front mid-engined. But there are left only three cylinders now instead of four. And free suction is also out. Of course both are rear driven but nowadays by an independent suspension instead of a rigid axle.

Pictures from the cameras to the rear in the air vents

With the meantime launched GT from American Pontiac origin ( see here) he has nearly nothing common. But similarities to the motorcycle in the image below are recognizable at first glance. With this even front and rear red tyred vehicle Fritz von Opel in 1928 reached 200.6 km/h on the Berlin Avus with a to 22 kW (30 HP) increased engine and sequentially in pairs fired rockets.

Actually almost 220 km/h had been possible, but because of a ban by the authorities, there was no further record run. Here this speed is approximately in the range, which can also be achieved the Concept-GT, but without rockets only by a turbocharged 1-liter three-cylinder. Suppose it has 107 kW (145 hp).

Operation by touch screen or voice input

The engine is made of aluminum and the whole concept of the GT is trimmed to lightweight. Have a look at only the carbon in the rims. Even a kind of gear lever has been omitted. Paddles behind the steering wheel are enough for controlling the six-speed transmission with double clutch. However in the rear axle just a differential lock is added. 02/16