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2021 Opel Crossland

How is it possible that the Opel Crossland has a facelift after only three years? Are we heading for American circumstances? No, because first of all the new one will still be available not before 2021 and secondly this hurry seems to be necessary at Opel to change all types to the new family face as soon as possible.

It is the second model after the Opel Mokka to be equipped with the Vizor look and the new trademark, admittedly an advance on its predecessor. The 'X' has now quite rightly been lost, as there is no four-wheel drive version. At such occasions the manufacturer always talks about re-tuning, e.g. of the chassis, but nobody can really check that.

In principle, everything under the body has remained as it was. We are also reporting on the car because we finally want to offer complete data of the Crossland. Yes, there will probably still be an AdBlue Diesel. Amazingly enough, the slightly outdated 6G automatic has a full 50 Nm more.

But the towing capacity is ridiculous, especially the highest of 840/870 kg. What should you do with it? Too much to die, too little to live with a braked trailer. Because it is slightly heavier than the trailer permitted up to 750 kg without brakes, so it hardly has a higher payload with a trailer load of 840/870 kg.

Air conditioning
Fatigue detection
Parking assistant
Track assistant
Traffic sign recognition
For this purpose: speed controller

Yes, there is still nothing electric on this Crossland. Should we regret that now? After all, the plug-in hybrids are increasingly coming under criticism. Besides the mini-hybrid (little effort has little effect) there is still a fully electric version. But there is always only the same one with a 50 kWh battery at PSA. Maybe another Opel model can be found for this.

Subjects to surcharge
Head-up display (plastic card)
Rear view camera
Collision warner front
Emergency brake assistant
Blind spot detector
Automatic parking
LED spotlight
Heated windscreen
8''-colour touch screen
Matrix headlamp
Navigation 5.0 Intellilink

After all, a slimmed-down facelift also has advantages for customers, as it raises hopes of stable prices against the trend. After all, the 2020 price list starts at 19 percent at 19,000 euros. No, we would have less objection to the five-speed gearbox than to the engine. The second more powerful one has almost twice as much torque and can certainly be moved more economically if necessary. Unfortunately, however, it is 3,300 euros more expensive so far.

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