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2021 Nissan Qashqai

It has become 4 cm longer, has 2 cm more wheelbase, for presumably more seating comfort in the rear. The front grille now reaches under the bonnet and is set off from the rest with a chrome double bar. A striking feature is the division of the headlights over a wide area, which makes the daytime running lights run more conspicuously along the bonnet. Also new is the option of ordering matrix light instead of just LED light.

The Qashqai starts with a petrol engine in two performance levels, the smaller one only with six-speed, the larger one with CVT automatic and later probably also possible with six-speed. There is the option of all-wheel drive, too, which requires a multi-link instead of a twist-beam axle. No, a Diesel engine and presumably other petrol engines will no longer be available.

Instead, there will probably be a serial hybrid, but with a relatively small battery and no recharging option. So this time for real? We can be curious, because it would be the first hybrid whose combustion engine would have no mechanical connection to the drive. The two existing models come as mild hybrids with a small 12V LIIo battery.

The Qashqai has today's usual set of safety apps on board and, in addition to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it also has connectivity to Google (Maps).

The cooperation with Renault seems to be as strong as ever, as the new Qashqai is based on a common platform. Inside, behind the steering wheel, an optional digital cockpit, now newly combinable with a head-up display. In the centre, the touchscreen now measuring 9 inches, but retaining a few non-virtual buttons and two dials. The very clear operation of the air-conditioning system also remains underneath.

The Brexit sends its regards, because the European models come from Great Britain. The Qashqai is by far the best-selling Nissan model in Germany. It was originally somewhat a trensetter for SUVs in 2006, which have since been downgraded to crossover models, partly because very few buyers now add all-wheel drive.

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