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2020 Nissan Juke

More than a million cars of the Nissan Juke, built since 2010, were sold despite or perhaps because of the unusual front. 2014 a facelift, of which the round headlights are left over. The grill is now less wide. The lights above it, which used to protrude far up, have now become much narrower and much closer to the main headlights.

The second generation 2020 has now increased in length by 7.5 centimeters. The coupé shape is more clearly defined with consequences for the headroom of tall people on the rear seats. Apart from that, the Juke makes good use of the space available by the shape, e.g. with a really large luggage compartment. Nevertheless, it fits perfectly into the class of small and compact SUVs.

Typically, after a wild design start, it's getting quieter now. The daytime running light with turn signal could, depending on your point of view, almost be seen as a continuation of the chrome trim on the radiator grille. Beautiful, if not practical for a crossover, the lower part with a kind of chrome spoiler. The rear is a skillful mixture of well-behaved and yet different from the competition. The rear lights are, even in contrast to the Facelift, now split and mostly emit LED light.

Inside, the dashboard with its free-standing monitor and the three nozzles below it resembles almost an Mercedes A-Class, although the round instruments behind the steering wheel are still analog. However, they are quite spaced apart from each other, making room for the transfer of digital content from the centre 8-inch screen. Of course, this is only available in the higher equipment lines, which make the car much more elegant, but also much more expensive.

You only have to look at the chrome plating and equipment of the front headrests. Once again in this class, the focus is on the digital electronics in the vehicle. There is a SIM card with 50 GByte memory without costs for the first year. The navigation is from Tomtom, through networking with current traffic information. Pleasant that there are still a lot of real control elements. And assistants are also enough on board, with double clutch transmission self-propelled even in traffic jams. 11/19

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