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2023 Mitsubishi Space Star

No, we have no income from what we present to you here. But let's be honest and realize that there is a clear need for second cars. But what should such a vehicle look like?

Of course not in the way that is currently offered for seniors, as light and lame as possible, but that doesn't exactly increase crash safety compared to others who come with high speed. And you don't want to expose your almost grown children to such vehicles either.

And of course there are no electric vehicles except cabins rumbling along at 45 km/h. We found a car for a good half of the cheapest electric car, a Mitsubishi Space Star. New, no hassle to expect because the warranty can currently be extended for a mere €153.

Quite simply, four doors and no air conditioning. Who needs something like that with predominantly short-distance traffic? And on the highway it is better to keep to the right to avoid being chased, although an ID.3 is slower in terms of top speed.

But, it is proven, affordable technology. The only purchase for which we can currently recommend a combustion engine given the low mileage. We don't need to talk about fuel consumption. If the tank only holds 35 liters, it must be very little and future fuel prices won't kill you either.

The Space Star and its predecessors . . .

It is important to point out that it is said that Mitsubishi is leaving Europe. When purchasing, it is important to ask very carefully about the possibility of warranty and diagnostic work. And only the gods know where you can get a braked trailer with a sensible total weight of 200 kg.

Also available with much more equipment . . .

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