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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

One electric motor each, drives the front and the rear axles with a static transmission ratio, the front with less torque and a shorter ratio than the rear with more torque. So, permanent all-wheel drive. The combustion engine is also connected to the front axle with a static transmission ratio, similar to that of the highest gear.

As a hybrid it has a high towing capacity

Thus, the two electric motors supply most of what is necessary to drive at low speeds. Thereby, the odd situation could arise, that the battery is flat and the combustion engine, through the powerful generator, mainly produces current because it's pulling power is inevitably limited by the high-ratio gear.

The best assistants can only be had in stage 3.

The question of whether a manual- or an automatic gearbox hasn't even cropped up. That would use too much fuel, most of which would first have to be converted into electrical energy and this with a tank that only holds 45 litres. As you can see, with this, the world's first Plug-in hybrid SUV, the most one can expect, is short off-road trips.

Everything else is also slightly more limited than usual. The battery is not exactly well dimensioned, something that's quite possible in an SUV, quite desirable in fact. On the strength of this, one could justifiably, even without using the air-conditioning, doubt the 50 electric kilometres that the manufacturer maintains.

Good cooperation is possible with Android and Apple.

For those who don't have all that far to go on their way to work, where they may have an additional charging station, will enjoy the exceedingly quiet running and the comfort offered by the Outlander. Since driving under electric power, e.g., through the rush-hour traffic, is definitely very pleasant. Indeed, on country roads, the comfortable springing makes a sedate driving style necessary.

Very good: Five-fold adjustable recuperation

The acceleration-power is certainly not bad for an SUV, because theoretically, all three power-units can bundle their torque together. However, as we've mentioned earlier, one can't simply add them all together, because, if the information given by the manufacturer, of a maximum torque at 4500 RPM, is to be taken at face value, then the combustion engine can only reach this value just before the top speed is achieved. 09/14

In addition, the maximum torque is limited by the manufacturer.

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