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2024 Mini Countryman

You would have to think or research where else the same car is available as a diesel, petrol, purely electric drive and then the latter two variants also with optional all-wheel drive. The surcharge for the diesel is €3,000, for the electric €3,600 and for the all-wheel drive €6,000.

The diesel with all-wheel drive is no longer available.

The Countryman in particular is no longer a mini, it has become 13 cm longer and 8 cm higher. This benefits the luggage compartment rather than the occupants. Compared to the combustion engine, the electric variant loses ... liters and the adjustability of the rear seat bench by 13 cm. But after all, the backrests there can be adjusted six times.

Without its own platform, the of the combustion engine naturally niblles a bit at the capacity of the battery, with the all-wheel drive then losing another 10 percent range. While we're on the subject, there's also no display behind the steering wheel as standard. Everything then has to be read from the not particularly suitable round one in the middle.

The head-up display, which appears to be on plastic at an additional cost and is out of date, is obviously intended to be a replacement, which is probably difficult to read in connection with the long bonnet. Otherwise, the interior is successful despite being economical in the less visible area. It's amazing what you can do with two 'knitting patterns' layered on top of each other.

In terms of design, the big car should differ above all from its smaller brother, which is wrongly called 'Mini'. It has become more angular and is even less reminiscent of the original Mini. No, the Coutryman probably no longer has a go-kart feeling, although it can still shine with its steering properties.

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