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First Four-wheel Motor Vehicle

Motor-vehicle (Daimler, Maybach)
EngineV two-cylinder
Displacement565 cm³
Bore * stroke60 * 100 mm
Mixture preparationSurface carburetor
IgnitionGlow pipe
CoolingPump circulation
Max. power1,1 kW (1,5 HP)
Rated speed920 rpm
PowertrainRear engine with rear drive
Transmission4-speed, gear wheels
Wheelbase1400 mm
FrameSteel (firm NSU)
Basic weight300 kg without driver
Top speedApprox. 22 km/h
Construction Year1889

The most advanced, what can be bought on the market

It is 1889 after the first motorcycle of the world and the motor coach the first four-wheeled motor vehicle, where the actuator and undercarriage form a unit. It is the most modern in the contemporary world. It will be a success at the World Expo in Paris in 1889, to which the vehicle arrived without external help. See the corresponding engine here. As a two-cylinder V-engine it has 565 cm³ displacement and takes the car with 1.1 kW (1.5 HP) to a maximum speed of 22 km/h. Remarkable is as a world premiere its four-speed geared transmission and a cooling system with pump, which included the steel tubes of the frame. The then knitting machine manufacturer NSU that builds.