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  1949 Mercedes O 3500

As the last gasp of the CBE vehicle in the bus segment could be called the O 3500 and its successor, the O 4000/O 4500. Economical equipped with steel, because that is still rationed at this time. This is of little weight in relation to the payload, a legacy of the Opel Blitz, of which at least its substructure derived a little.

But when German afford a bus ride after the war, then the vehicle should look by no means poor. So than Chrome dominates the front. The inside is amply for that time. It uses outside the permissible 2.5 m not completely, but comes to 2.25 m interior, allowing a 2/3 distribution of the seats.

2.5m long sliding roof ...

What would be unthinkable at today's standard is supported still by advertisement for an extra-wide aisle at that time. After all, there is possible a standing height over 2 m. And then the brightness through roof edges windows. Special care is bestowed on a draft-free ventilation as possible, the optionally also hot air transports first however to the front discs. 04/13

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