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2021 Mercedes Maybach S-Class

The special version of a Mercedes S-Class has been around since 2002. Now it has been possible to distinguish it even more clearly from this one. Although it is also available with other S-Class engines, it is probably the only vehicle to get the V12. Moreover, with a length of 5.5 metres, it even surpasses the long-wheelbase version. If you now suspect that it is not intended for self-drive, you are exactly right.

Nevertheless, no one necessarily has to walk around the car from the driver's seat to open the rear right door. This can also be done electrically from the front, and so a chauffeur's custom dating back to the days of carriages could end here, if the ego of the person being driven allows him or her to get out without an escort. Of course, one sits very well in the front, but even better in the back on the right.

The 18 centimetres of extra wheelbase only come into their own here. A special version of MBUX pays attention to certain gestures and tries to make it as comfortable as possible. There's massage for the calves, too, and special warmth for the neck and throat. The last remaining noises are filtered away by a kind of counter-sound system.

No judgement here on how you should find the front. After all, together with the bonnet, it is shaped differently than in the S-Class. Even the silhouette is changed by additional windows behind the font doors. One looks at wooden panelling on the back of the front seats. The seat belt is handed to you as soon as the system gets wind of such a request. There are additional font airbags.

While the air suspension is standard, the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL costs extra. As you know, it scans the road and adjusts the suspension/damping accordingly. The Maybach also corners, which can mean you almost don't notice it as a passenger. 60,000 Maybachs have been delivered since 2015, including more than 15,000 to China in the last two years. Russia is mentioned as a sales region even before the USA.

You don't have to take the two-tone paint with the dividing line, which also saves a week's stay of the car in a paint factory. The DIGITAL LIGHT, on the other hand, is likely to attract a lot more interest. The light from three extremely powerful LEDs is refracted with the help of 1.3 million mirrors and can be adjusted at any time.

In naming Maybach, one unfortunately forgets that this gifted designer actually left the company in disgrace in 1907.

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