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1963 Mercedes L 1113

The starting from 1963 semi-forward control can be identified by the indicators which are now no longer placed laterally beside the headlights, but on top of the fenders. Even the designation has changed. Thus, the 1113 has rounded up 11 tonnes gross vehicle weight, and also rounded up 130 hp (96 kW). From 1968 built semi-forward control can be recognized at the higher windscreen, three windshield wipers and a skylight.

More important than the visual and typographical subtleties, the introduction of direct injection. The OM 326 and 322 are replaced by the OM 352 (top) and 346 with 10.8 liters displacement. Indeed associated with it is a harder engine running, but a reduction in consumption and increase performance by approximately 15 - 20%. Unfortunately, the first engines of this type are not quite risk-free from durability.

The 196 bar pressure at that time, which was higher than the 130 bar of the prechamber engine, must not be confused with today's injection pressures. It should be referred to as the nozzle opening pressure. The true injection pressure was not given at that time and is probably much higher.

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