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2020 Mercedes E-Class

If you count 14 million models of the E-Class from 1946 onwards, then the basic 170 V model of that time should be included. Assuming this, the latest E-model is the facelift of the 10th generation. Important also for the exterior design, the Avantgarde Line now forms the new basis. In other words, the relatively simpler front is no longer available, but only a chrome one which is a little bit or even more elaborate.

In any case, there is now a full LED, above it Multibeam, the Mercedes name for Matrix light. Overall, the shape of the lamps has also changed somewhat. In the back most of all at the sedan. It has got a new lid for the luggage compartment and with that also a part of the much smaller light unit. Should the car optically stretch a bit in width. The T-class with its more massive light units has always had the split.

Of course, the progressive digital electronics must also be integrated into the E-Class, too. In addition to greater diversity, there is now captive recognition of whether the hands are on the steering wheel and an assistant that can adjust the distance between the vehicle in front calculated on a distance basis. The assistants have become more active overall, acting on the steering and brakes as required, and even in bends when driving assistance is selected. The car can now park not only lengthwise and crosswise, but also on marked surfaces.

MBUX of the newest generation is on board, with gesture and speech recognition, which can e.g. also distinguish commands from different directions. Instead of the two 'bonded' 12.3'' screens there will be two 10.25'' displays in the base.

Of course, in times of stricter rules, the engines are important. Seven plug-ins are to come, not only with petrol rear-wheel and four-wheel drive, but also for Diesel engines. Even the US market is being considered here. Furthermore a petrol engine with two litres and 48V starter-generator. Also the Formula 1 based, electrically assisted turbocharging should be available here.

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