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Mercedes E-Class

It is the second most important representatives of the star. Therefore, his successful retreading is so important. It may be go a little quieter this time to his outward appearance. Rectangular auxiliary lights are called for, perhaps even less noticeable than its predecessors. Only the hook-shaped day lights days could scare the not-quite-young clientele of this car.

The dashboard presents itself changed and looks reminiscences of Porsche's sporty 5-instruments look. Not so, the adaptive suspension, which combines great composure as ever with improved response characteristics, far of the slightly feverish nervousness of the competitors. In the previous model, the steel springs of the house already were able even to compete against competitors with air suspension.

The interior has once again risen. Under the trunk lid now final is missing the spare wheel. The room is either free or will be used at a few models for the AdBlue tank. The rear seat is still stowable. 1.90 m tall people have always sat well in the larger Mercedes, now in the multi-contour seat and be happy also in the back.

Let's get to the electronic innovations. Improvements in accident prevention (pre-safe II) with radar identifiation of emergency and possibly full braking in the final meters and the optional night vision is now an attention assistant, which one offers just before falling asleep a cup of coffee on the display. Added as needed the lane assistant with vibrating steering wheel and as before the warning system before the vehicle's blind spot.

There is news to report on the actuation. Here potters partly even with start-up problems (with 7% organic admixture?) CommonRail of the fourth generation with piezo injectors, which work directly, and sometimes even without hydraulic transmission,which once again draws a small improvement of spontaneity and consumption by itself. However, the discrepancy seems always be greater between declared and consumption actually achieved in practice. 10/11

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