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Mercedes C-Class Coupé

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Due to its design, the C-Coupé has set itself apart from its bigger sisters. Obviously agrees also the manufacturer's statement that it only shares the platform with the saloon, but not areas of the car structure. On the other hand was also not shortened, neither the length nor at the wheelbase. And who looks at the car long enough, discovers for the respective sheet metal edges (beadings) at respectively each of the two ends a connection. Of course, the diamond front grille fits better than chrome and star of the saloon.

Bonnets and mudguards made of aluminum

At Mercedes is pointed out that the distance between the front wall and the front axle has been increased by 6 centimetres, actually tragic at engines always smaller and smaller. And so the 'old' V8 by AMG with 6.3 litres displacement shall no longer find its way into the engine compartment. 280 g/km are too much even with the greatest benevolence.

There are only four cylinders at the beginning. Anyway, the lowest performing petrol engine and the two entry-level diesel must give way in the Coupé. That it just hits the two Renault diesel, a rogue who thinks evil of it. No, with certainty the New will not be underpowered, when considering the occurring engines V6 and V8 in the saloon car. And in case of the chassis, the lowering by 15 millimetres, the set of tyres from 17 inch and optional air suspension ensure more performance at hopefully not too little comfort. After all, the average new car buyer is e.g. in Germany more than 50 years, at Mercedes even older.

If the interior only half as good feels, as it looks on the images, one can truly speak of a renewed effort of establishing an luxury class, after the upper middle class has made so much pressure here. If there, however, must always be two-tone leather? On the other hand, great the seat-belt-carrier, which saves at long two-door cars cumbersome contortions backwards. Among the course again numerous assistants including networking attract attention the avoider of collisions. It promises this comprehensively up to 40 km/h, up to 200 km/h partly effective.

Prize question: What can do the air conditioning with GHP informations? Is yet quite clear, it now recognizes when the vehicle is in a tunnel, and shuts down the air supply from the outside. Incidentally, functions of semi-autonomous driving are integrated already, such as the connectivity to vehicles driving in front, when lane markings are missing. If this keeps up, the remaining self-drive disturb on the road one day. 08/15