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Mercedes A-Class


No, now we will not again explain the term 'facelift', because nearly nobody stick to it. Mercedes claims this from the 'new' A-Class. But changed were only the bumpers, the interior of the lights and last but not least there is now one chrome bar instead of two. LED headlamps are now available for an additional charge.

Inside, it continues with the thrifty changes. The most important is certainly the two-tone adjustable stylish ambience lighting with fivefold dimming. Even better, the seat cushion extendable by six centimetres up front. The larger, subject to surcharge screen is now 8 instead of 7 inches.

Let's stay with the surcharges, one of 1,200 € is certainly worthwhile, namely the adaptive for the chassis. But why excactly here? Because the old new A-Class is said to be hard spring-suspended and that has been perceived as unreasonable sometimes. Since that is one of the first systems with really noticeable difference between comfort and sport position. Of course, there are two other options

Otherwise, the A-Class has remained what it was. Amazingly, it receives poor grades by the dozen for its lack of clarity. Nevertheless, it has probably sold more than twice as often precisely because of its shape as the actually more unloved predecessor. And at its success, especially at younger than the average Mercedes buyers will probably change nothing.

So below the line come together: Changes to surfaces, upholstery, steering wheel and instruments. Of course, the networking with a real-time traffic connection and MIrror or AppleLink makes progress. With the modified AMG version with 475 Nm and 280 kW (381 hp), including all-wheel, front and roof spoiler we will deal shortly. 10/15