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1975 Mercedes 450 SEL 6,9

16 liters of coolant, nevertheless only 12 liter engine oil despite dry sump lubrication, but 96 liters in the tank which are superlatives in 1975. It's the year 2 after the oil-price crisis and Mercedes brings a car on the market that practically is not to drive under 20 litres/100 km. No, the catalyst is not yet ready for the car. The injection works almost exclusively mechanically although there is of course long ago electronic injection.

But who can afford a car for almost 70,000 DM at the time the does not look at these trifles. About the is just the sky at Mercedes and maybe the 600, but as a pure chauffeur car actually not comparable. Completely different spring system and also not the same engine. No, the 450 SEL 6.9 must arise in the mind's eye as a W116, of course in long version.

The first thing to disappear, the steel springs and the dampers are replaced by corresponding parts of the hydropneumatic from Citroen. Yes, also the nitrogen-filled balls are installed in the Super Mercedes. Citroen probably was not allowed to advertise therewith, but it's been interesting. Then comes into it instead of the 450 the nearly 7-liter V8. At least now must be fought for every cubic centimeter of space.

After all, the automatic remains with only three gears which of course the passengers save shifting. Now we already have two reasons for the consumption. Air conditioning is standard, of course, distributed with sensors crosswise throughout the interior. Of course, window lifters and a locking device on underpressure base take the remaining space in the doors. Ah yes, the mirror adjustment we have forgotten.

But the result however, is breathtaking. The question arises whether the occupants realizing it that with them is made a change in location. Maybe they think indeed, to sit a bit cramped but in their own living room. Until someone at the wheel presses on the gas pedal, the best kick-down. Now the heads fly to the rear. For good reason, this Mercedes has a rear axle that prevents too strong buckling under acceleration.

There is another way. Enjoying the incredible comfort, one floats like on clouds. Everything is easy, because servo assisted. Because this is the driver's car of the well-heeled man. Whether for the rich woman too, we make a question mark for this time. And if she existed will be probably her choice not be fallen on this "super thick ship" from highly qualified Swabian workmanship. 01/13

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