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1963 Mercedes 230 SL (W 113)

This two-seater convertible with a removable hardtop made history due to its strange style of roof as 'pagoda roof' (Asian temple). It is described from the manufacturer as the first sports car with crash zone and stable passenger cell. However, it is also noticed negatively, because it should have allegedly a particularly bad cW-value. Despite (or perhaps because) one can take pleasure at the timeless form.

At the 230 SL is the 'S' for 'sport' and the 'L' for 'light'. It is the successor of the 190 SL 190 SL. The car does not promote so much the sporty ambition, but rather is thought for the big tour (Grand Tourisme) as a couple. A third person could theoretically sit transversely on the rear seat.

The dashboard is from metal with chromed single clocks and painted according to the body colour. It is dominated by the large steering wheel with above flattened chrome ring. Interestingly also the windshield wipers, which are located since the 190 with its turning points far outside and in the middle lie one upon the other. Also Mercedes has put later lot of time and above all money in the construction of windshield wipers.

These days, the manufacturer announces that there will be no new SL model. 03/19

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