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1965 Mercedes 200

The most important change is to be found under the hood, more specifically in the engine, whose crankshaft now is mounted fivefold, both the petrol and the Diesel engine. The former also increases in performance. New is the six-cylinder, which fits in the compared to the other six-cylinders by 14.4 inches shortened engine compartment.

Tail fins now without chrome, modified tail lights

The turn signals on the front fenders are gone, fog lights now standard and integrate them. Otherwise, the long tail has remained in contrast to the short engine compartment. There are now disc brakes instead of the duplex drums in front and the brake assist as standard. However, you had to get used to their prompt functioning.

The rear auxiliary air spring, which has been available since 1963, is cumbersome to operate, it allows to adjust the height of the rear axle in relation to the load at each filling station. In the same year the generator had been strengthened. Since 1962 the four-speed automatic with hydraulic clutch is available.

In terms of puncture protection, the 190/ 200c is nearly unbeatable. Only the Opel Rekord reportedly reached his level. However, the Opel six-cylinder was even more than 2000 DM cheaper than four-cylinder 200. The first BMW 1500 was also cheaper, but had less space and quite some technical teething troubles. 11/17

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