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1983 Mercedes 190 E 2,3-16

In 1980, Mercedes turned to the company Cosworth in England with a request to develop new the head of their 2,3 four-cylinder engine. The British have up to this time not only developed to recognized experts in the field of the four-cylinder heads with two overhead camshafts. Large companies them batter down the doors.

Mercedes supposedly tried it itself, but not with the desired success. Ultimately, the goal of serial cars is the homologation and the application of a powerful engine in races. The uniqueness of this project, one gives the company Cosworth plenty of rope. They can start with a blank sheet of paper.

The Brits thus even entered new territory, when they opt for a one-piece head which requires a significantly complicated casting mold and casting technology. If it works, the new piece is naturally more stable and probably even lighter. In addition, there will be fewer leakage problems.

According to the specifications of Mercedes the first finished engine is although assembled in Northampton, but runs in the presence of Cosworth people first on a DB test bench. One is impressed when straightaway it comes 196 kW (267 hp). Unfortunately this does not lead to the construction of several racing engines, because Mercedes takes back his involvement in motor racing in 1981.

However, the fame bestowed the lasting effect, the English company has acquired with their contribution for Mercedes. Because now a contract comes for the construction of 5.000 cylinder heads per year for the series, for Cosworth the first of this type. The series is probably for Mercedes too small and the advertising opportunity is not inconvenient. The contract lasts 5 years for the 2.5-liter version. 10/11

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