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1988 Mercedes 190 (W 201)

Do you know what 'Sacco-boards' are? This is the most distinctive, visible change from the outside of the model upgrading of the Mercedes 190 from 1988. Now soft plastic protects the edge of the car from the center bead to the door sill (see picture above). Since 1958 Bruno Sacco is employed at Mercedes and responsible at this time for the car design.

Plastics have been around a long time on the car body shell, but usually as thermosets, which can be painted just like the sheet metal skin. However, the softer plastics bring their colour from the manufacturing and this develop in the course of time usually different than the rest of the car colour.

Mercedes circumvents the problem by adapting the plastic on namely any body colour, but takes not exactly the same shade of colours. Incidentally, the 'Sacco-boards' boards are introduced in the S-class in 1979 and there not always encounter on undivided joy. Also the W 124 it already has. 10/11

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