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Mercedes 190

Already before in the history of the company it has been attempted to launch a product in a class lower. This was 1926 and, after initial difficulties, the rescue for the group. So dramatically, it was not this time, although you had to fight here in the beginning with some consumer reticence. And it will not be the last time that this step is risked. Finally, almost every series drifts gradually above and must be replaced by one among them. Anyway, so far the previous experience.

The oil-price crisis of 1973/74 led to serious reflection, the car fleet fuel consumption to complete by a 'Baby Benz'. It was also noticed in Stuttgart, that the average clientele for Mercedes gets older. A more economical, more compact and less expensive car also and just for younger people is needed. If now should added the usual quality, a significantly lower price is to achieve only by higher number of pieces, on the one hopes in Europe and especially in Germany.

As expected, there remains the front-engine with rear-wheel drive. Finally, you will use almost the entire model range, including the six-cylinder. Front and inside there it is something more compact. Instead of the foot- parking brake the 190 receives the usual hand brake. The biggest change is mainly held back. It is the multi-link axle, which provides despite the tank under the rear bench for the crucial centimeters. Thus, even a large enough trunk is possible. And indoors, one does not shy away from allowing large people to move the front seat all the way to the front edge of the rear seat.

The front axle is also different from the other models with its damper strut and the each individually arranged helical spring. Remarkable at this model is just the enormous inclination of the curve-inside wheel. Fully turned, it almost appears to be no longer connected to the suspension. With the steering, there are no innovations. Perhaps one should mention the one arm wiper with lift technology. Many inventions by Mercedes changed the car world, but not this more expensive developed part. 11/17

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