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Mercedes 180 b/c

Small but noticeable changes differ the 180 b from the 180. Outside, there are broader and lower front radiator grille and from the bumper horns moved rear reflector to the taillights. Thereby these look significantly larger. Are already installed first findings of the plant's own accident research. The bumpers are larger and denser close to the body.

The steering wheel has in the middle a baffle plate and only two spokes. For the indicator are now its own, independently resetting lever. The dashboard is also provided with a soft plastic cover and flexible buttons.

Of the performance-enhancing measures the 190 benefits slightly more than the 180 (see data blocks). Other than happens to the diesel. As a 180 Db at first it still keeps the old engine with slightly different performance data. But then, as the 180 series is actually already expired, it receives the newly developed engine of big brother. This has already two-liter displacement, a higher compression ratio and clearly more power. With this engine the old form is almost faster as the new 190 Dc.

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