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2021 Mercedes EQS

Ten years or 250,000 km warranty on the battery.

In the end, they may have screwed it up after all. What are they thinking, presenting a beautiful car like that? Yes, it is. Mercedes has returned to old principles. Because the fate of e-cars is not decided on country roads with the lowest possible fuel consumption. In Germany, almost all of these roads lead onto motorways, where you then may try to make distance.

And it is precisely here that it will probably prove itself, not through superior driving performance, but through journeys that are not interrupted as frequently as we have been used to from electric cars. And here the weight also plays a subordinate role, but instead the uniquely low cW-value of 0.2 and the relatively small cross-sectional area for an e-car in this class score points. The height is so low that very tall people bump their heads in the back.

Let them move to the front, where it is a little better. But the example shows how tightly they went about it. Unusual for Mercedes, but a good thing. Until some time ago, the cW value was also a sign of the brand. How good that they have returned to it. A shape that, apart from the tiny rear spoiler, can almost be described as flawless. In addition, as a saloon in 3-box design, but not recognisable as such from the outside, even with a large tailgate.

When Elon gets into this car, he will probably turn slightly pale. They'll probably want to show him the variant with the three screens. No chance of achieving this ambience and finish in the foreseeable future. With this car, Mercedes is making a small contribution to reducing the differences in wealth by directing money from the rich a little into the pockets of the servants, hopefully also into those of the contract workers, if there are any left there.

But then the sad stories on the occasion of the world premiere. People were always a little suspicious when Daimler promised its customers exclusively green electricity for three years at no extra charge at the Ionity charger. What's the point of that as long as we can't yet supply ourselves one hundred per cent with regeneratively generated energy? Actually only a postponement. With the new car, there's also another year of free electricity there. The result: the cars may be driven more.

Display: 12,3'' (driver), 17,7'' (middle), 12,3'' (pass.)

And then there are all these full-bodied promises in connection with 'sustainability'. Such a heavy vehicle is not only produced completely ecologically. And every vehicle registered in the EU must now be 95 percent recyclable. And then the Mercedes bosses spread out all over the world. One can only hope that film tricks have been used here, because a flight for these short statements would make a mockery of everything that has been said.

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