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Mercedes Simplex

From 1902 to 1910 the cars of the Daimler-Motoren Gesellschaft are called Simplex, now with the brand name 'Mercedes'. Since this time, Wilhelm Maybach is once again responsible for the construction. Characteristics of this series are the honeycomb radiators front of the engine, caused by thousands of square tubes increase the surface area as much, that with less than 10 liters of cooling water circulating a significantly better cooling capacity is possible than previously with twice the amount. Especially for low speeds helps the mechanically connected to the crankshaft fan behind the radiator. The engine consists of two individually casted two cylinders. To cast a huge engine block with more than seven liter displacement in one piece and accordingly to process is not possible at the time. Each of these two cylinders has its own piece camshaft. The intake valves are arranged hanging roughly in the middle of the cylinder head and are now controlled also by the camshaft. The exhaust valves have kept their standing position, direct driven by the camshaft.

On women as female drivers is hardly to think even in view of the startup process. In addition to the heavy cranking you have to think in advance of increased tank pressure and the correct ignition and carburetor settings for successful engine start. The cranking facilitates a decompression lever, however, the must return to its original position at the right time. Nice when the engine does not hit back then, 7.240 cm³ are finally no small thing. It is not the biggest engine in a series that began with 5.9 liter displacement and 26 kW (35 hp) in 1901 and ended with 9.3 liters and 44 kW (60 hp).

Even while driving a lot to do. Very anticipatory driving is required, given the top speed and the brakes on the rear wheels only. In very different intervals the supply of individual lubrication points must be activated with small hand pumps (drop oiler). There are also naturally double coupling through the unsynchronized transmission when downshifting and the double-clutch. Not that you think when driving in one gear, one has peace, because, of course, with increasing speed, the ignition must be readjusted via a lever at the steering wheel. Nevertheless, the car is called 'Simplex', because it is easier to use than its predecessor. 11/06