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Blitzen Benz

It is one of the last representatives of racing cars and record vehicles after the turn of the century, the achieve tremendous performance through their always larger displacements. If one imagines that perhaps more than 1000 Nm are transferred by the chains to the rear axle. Because the rated speed is relatively low, it remains at an average piston speed of 10 m/s, which is quite remarkable for this time. However, the engine is with over 400 kg too heavy. The future belongs to the higher-revving, lightweight engines with significantly less displacement, which was also promoted particularly by racing formulas and taxation of the piston surface.

Successful however, this Benz, which is shown above as second 'series' with improved aerodynamics. With about 205 km/h Victor Hemery set a speed record 19 09 in Europe and with 228 km/h Bob Burman in 1911 in America, the will not be surpassed in the following 13 years (but also 'encouraged' by the First World War). More about the successes and the name of the Blitzen-Benz you read here.

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