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  Maserati Gran Cabrio

Displacement (bore * stroke)4691 cm³ (94,0 mm * 84,5 mm)
Compression ratio11,25 : 1
Engine control2 * dohc
Mixture formationDirect injection
Torque470-520 Nm at 4750 rpm
Performance323-338 kW (440-460 HP) at 7000 rpm
Drive trainFront engine, Transaxle drive
TransmissionAutomatic-six speed
Wheelbase2.942 mm
Turning circle12.300 mm
Length4.881 mm
Width1.915/2.056 mm
Height1.353 mm
Luggage compartment173 litres
Kerb weight2.055 kg + driver
CO2-emissions337-358 g/km
Top speedapprox. 285 km/h
Purchase pricefrom 137.770 Euro (2015)
Years of manufacturefrom 2010

It is considered a full four-seater convertible with soft top. Its wheelbase is almost 3 meters, resulting in only minimal overhangs front and rear. Despite the above-average length of almost 4.9 meters there is little space for luggage storage left. The car is at this size heavier than the competition of BMW and Jaguar. Breathtaking the consumption of 22,5 liters/100km in the city (according to the manufactorer).

Somehow, such a Maserati is almost always quite noisy, if you meet one. It's a decision of the driver or it is up to the two flaps in the exhaust sound. May be it's more noticeable than a Ferrari with a corresponding engine, the one, however, even more rarely to be seen. The MC version (6,000 € more) with slightly enhanced performance and steering wheel controls incl. paddles was introduced at Paris Motor Show 2012.

So this car is quite heavy and somewhat unsporting. Its steering is perceived as a little bit too smoth. Additionally in the face of high consumption cruising is better than speeding. That may even be better for less noise development of the Ferrari engine. And the for a convertible bulky rear seat bench can be used as a much-needed additional luggage space. The lovely design by Pininfarina one enjoys sitting inside, otherwise only again when leaving. 12/15