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2020 Maserati Ghibli Hybrid

The employees are bursting with enthusiasm in a company with such a tradition. It is astonishing, what mistakes and confusion it has taken. And now, once again, a rather sharp bend to turn into the necessity for electric mobility, which has been recognized much too late. The company has big plans to offer a completely electric and sporty coupé in 2022.

No, a PugIn hybrid doesn't fit in with a Maserati. That would be two hundred kilos of unladen weight, which you would have to carry around even if the battery was empty after 50 km. Bad for the performance. They praise the technology of the 48V mild hybrid, but say nothing about its battery capacity, nor about the performance of the electric motor.

It is funny when people keep talking about the two engines, as if the electric motor could keep up with the combustion engine. The Diesel, as a six-cylinder, although not as incredibly traditional as a petrol engine, was disposed of. His place is taken by a rather strange guest in such a car. After all, two liters of engine capacity and supercharging at a not too low compression.

You rub your eyes, though. E.g. because of the only one camshaft, but you learn that the other one was obviously completely replaced by the Multiair process. The performance data cannot keep up with those of an AMG four- cylinder engine, but they bring the car, which weighs almost two tons, up to 255 km/h and from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 s.

In the lower speed range a turbo lag should be strange to him. The mild hybrid is said to be the solution here, which drives an additional electric charger. The design and colours of the Ghibli have also been slightly changed, the interior now features the latest connect system and a 10.1-inch screen instead of 8.4. However, the price has risen by €2,000 compared to the Diesel six-cylinder up to just under €70,000.


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