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2023 Lamborghini Revuelto

Take a look at the pictures and videos and see for yourself what the Aventador successor looks like. And concerning the name it has to be enough to mention that it is of course again the name of a fighting bull.

Why these restrictions? Because from a technical point of view it is really a completely changed car. Until now, one was used to this uniquely complicated arrangement of the twelve-cylinder engine, indeed lengthwise and in front of the rear axle, but in principle with the exit to the front.

That has changed. The engine now integrates like a normal mid-engine, i.e. with an exit to the rear. In order to have enough space to accommodate a 1.55 m long, 0.24 m wide and 0.3 mm high battery in the transmission tunnel and to also have enough space at the back, the transmission was arranged transversely.

The design is known from Formula 1 and within the group from the Porsche Carrera GT. Only there are eight gears here, a wet dual clutch, an electric motor above it and the weight is 193 kg. As you can see, we are slowly moving towards the 765 kW (1,015 hp) system output.

No, due to the changed position of the engine there is no longer an optional drive train to the front. This is done by two oil-cooled electric motors with 110 kW (150 hp) each. You see, you can't just add up all the power because it's at different speeds. You see, you can't simply add up all the performances because they occur at different engine speeds.

With the torque this should actually be possible, but that would result in the horrendous sum of 1,750 Nm. But another number cited by Lamborghini is even more horrendous, the battery's specific power of 4500 W/kg. Either we can no longer do the math, or a 90 kWh battery would only weigh 200 kg.

In contrast, the charging performance is modest, but hardly necessary even with such a small battery and the recuperation capabilities of a super sports car. But you need the battery to be able to drive backwards and you could also cover short distances electrically. Then the Revuetto becomes the first Lamborghini with pure front-wheel drive.

Sound at the end of the video . . .

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