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2016 Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

And how sounds 'Huracán' in English, of course, such as 'hurricane', what perhaps even better fits with the character of the car. You should have a look at the very last video (while it is still available) to share the joy of the driver when accelerating this magnificent engine/vehicle

He tests the Huracán against the backdrop of Miami. He speeds up the engine and pulls the paddle three times, which makes him accelerate from the there may be maximum allowed 55 m/h to a speed that may bring him directly to jail. All just to demonstrate us the wonderful sound of the high-revving engine.

120 kg heavier than the coupé

Perhaps the significantly better perception of the engine sound even is the main reason for the acquisition of this at least 20,000 euros more expensive spider. For this the relatively thin cloth cap might be an indication. If you open it in 17 seconds, you can limit the circulation of the wind again by an electric screen behind yours seats and additional air deflectors aside of them. Is this refined convertible design?

The look at the engine from outside and the roof with its fine elongated edges have disappeared. What remains is this exciting straight line including hood and windscreen, without bending. Overall, one can perhaps conclude that Lamborghini design has found its way between too much and too little Avantgarde excitement. 02/16

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