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2021 Kia Rio

Only little has changed in the smallest engine. Its displacement has shrunk due to a smaller stroke, the torque has also decreased slightly, but the power has remained the same. With still four cylinders, intake manifold injection and five gears, it powers the entry-level model from €14,590. It's not the most fuel-efficient engine, but it's not that far off the others either.

However, a VW Polo with a higher resale value is only about €1,000 more expensive, but unlike the Kia, it has no air conditioning, but the somewhat more effective and powerful engine. Diesel engines are no longer available in this segment. Transmission equipment is the same for the more powerful engines, but the Polo goes up to 110 kW (150 hp).

The Kia Rio remains a stubborn rival, even if the ratio of registrations is between a good 13 times in 2019 and 11 times in 2020. Add in the group's brother Hyundai i20 and the Polo's numbers are just over double in 2019 and pretty much double in 2020, pincer action from South Korea.

It is the fourth generation of the Kia Rio, which has been built since 2017 and has now undergone a certain streamlining. The powertrains are effectively based on those of its corporate brother Hyundai. At the moment, this one would be recommended because it was only renovated in 2020 and is even 500 € cheaper, albeit without air conditioning, which you can't buy in addition at the base price.

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