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2023 Kia EV 9

Admittedly, we aim to release everything that comes to the market whether we like it or not. The Kia EV 9 doesn't make it easy for us.

You have to understand that Hyundai and Kia are two brands that have to produce distinguishable models and may not get in each other's way.

With the EV 9, Kia has undoubtedly succeeded. In addition, it was probably designed for the American market. One should even be able to see the tiger's nose.

Despite the still acceptable aerodynamics of 0.28, the model is not really accessible to us. Admittedly, on closer inspection it becomes a little more bearable. The front hood actually has a curvature.

And the new daytime running lights are not just to consist of three connected beams, but these are also to be reinforced toward their ends. We can look forward to the next models from Kia.

Since it is of no use if the door handles are retracted. The relatively economical frugal edges are still okay, but we still have to get used to the paneling of the D-pillar.

Yes, the rear is also bulky, but in connection with the rear lights, which are again indicated as stars, it is acceptable for such a large car.

Inside there are three rows of seats, the second row of which consists of individual swivel chairs. Here the peculiar shape of the D-pillar makes sense again. One looks in vain for leather.

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