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2024 Jeep Avenger EV

You can find the test of the purely electric version here.

What should you think of this? The face appears to belong to a jeep. Is it what it says on the outside? Of course not. Now we don't want to call a three-cylinder with 74 kW (100 hp) weak, but in a Jeep?

Did the Stellantis program have to be expanded to include a small Jeep? And there are really people who praise its off-road properties. But only because they have never tried this terrain with a normal front-wheel drive car.

Then you would have seen that not all the capabilities that one expects from a four-wheel drive vehicle only apply to it. But a Jeep without all-wheel drive, is that even possible? What should then think those who pay so much money for a real Jeep?

It's probably not only in the USA that the Jeep is untouchable for some people. Although there have always been vehicles that were superior to this, especially off-road. But to equip one, albeit a small one, with the substructure of an Opel Corsa?

And then offering it at €2,700 more is bordering on sacrilege. How far they will push the thing with the possibilities? Which brand will you dismantle next, Alfa perhaps?

And then that ridiculous switch for the subsoil setting. You can choose between six different driving modes and 'defy all weather conditions on the road'. We would choose the Corsa if we had to choose.

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