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2020 JAC iEV 7S

In Germany, it seems that at present, the focus of attention on the topic of e-cars is almost exclusively on Tesla shares and the expectations to the ID.3. We now want to use VW as a bridge to the Chinese market. Even if the subsidies are withdrawn, a quota of 12 percent e-cars is obligatory for Chinese manufacturers in 2020.

In the past two years, China has been the world leader in the sale of e-mobility, about three times as much as the US. And because 90 percent of the cars bought there are domestically produced e-cars, more of them have been produced than in all the rest of the world. So it's high time to take a closer look. We are doing this with one of the partners of VW.

VW has been represented on the Chinese market for more than 30 years, initially with FAW and SAIC. In 2017 VW entered into a connection with Anhui Jianghuai Aautomobile Ccompany, mainly to develop electric cars, but also e-mobility. A joint venture with FAW, JAC and a Chinese specialist for charging infrastructure will be added in 2019. The VW Group is represented in China with 11 brands.

JAC is a well-known manufacturer in China not only of passenger cars, but also of SUVs, trucks of all classes and buses. The company has existed under a different name since 1964. It has its headquarters in Hefei, about 500 km west of Shanghai. It is also where the Sol E20X community model is built, an SUV with the same base as the iEV 7S, JAC's first all-electric vehicle.

But in Brazil there is also a shortened version (last video) with probably the same battery equipment. It came on the market in China towards the end of 2018, in Europe one year later, e.g. in Austria and the Czech Republic. Unlike ID.3, for example, it is derived from a vehicle with a combustion engine. The above mentioned DC charging rate is hardly ever reached and from about 50 percent onward significantly weaker.

Austria: (Introduction price incl. leather):
32.790 Euro (incl. 20% tax, excl. subsidies)

Normal summer consumption is not different from other EVs, although they may be slightly larger. So you can drive here in summer with air conditioning for about 200 km. The quality of workmanship in demand for Chinese cars seems to be beyond doubt, not surprising given the proximity to a European manufacturer. The interior looks even quite modern, with leather upholstery almost luxurious and the operation understandable at first go.02/20

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